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Welcome to the website of Shanghai Hua Jie Investment Services Co., Ltd. (Hua Jie Property Group). Hua Jie has been a well established professional real estate company with the main business of selling international properties in China market. Our company has plentiful and successful experience in being the agent of a lot of international property developers, especially Australian property developers.

For years, we have established a long-term cooperation with many famous developers internationally, keeping good relationship with them, and receiving quite well reputation among our partners. We have also gained good sales achievements yearly and the developers are greatly satisfied with our sales status.

The operation principle of Hua Jie is “Integrity & Profession”, and we also pay much attention to the after-sale services. We will provide our clients with the professional services including the consultation, sales, loan, and law affairs. Our lawyers and staffs provide the buyer useful suggestion according to every personal need and situation. We insist on choosing the prefect property for clients with luxurious exterior image, elegant and graceful interior decoration with relatively inexpensive price. Therefore, the properties selling in Hua Jie will be the buyers ideal selection either self-living or investment.

Furthermore, our company constitutes of a group of professional person who have many years’ experience in the field of property selling. With their sharp insight and plentiful experience, we can offer every client more information about overseas properties, as well as the policy and regulations to our clients, in order to ensure the benefits of them, and achieve a win-win stage between the developers and our clients.

It is remarkable that Hua Jie is a subsidiary company of Australian Ronghua International (Group) Co., Ltd. In other words, we can not only provide the services of property selling, but also offer the clients a lot of relevant services, such as overseas investment, emigration, overseas settlement, abroad study, business visit, and related consultation, etc. Australian Ronghua
International (Group) Co., Ltd has been a well established migration agent lasting for 12 years, approved by Australian Government Immigration Department. Our Hangzhou China Talent Overseas Affairs Services Co., Ltd officially licensed by Chinese Government, has been well established to provide emigration service to our clients to settle down overseas especially Australia, Canada, USA, Singapore and UK. And we are also a famous education agent who helps students go abroad to study overseas, especially in Australia, New Zealand, USA and European countries.
Looking into the future, we hope to set up good relationship with more and more famous developers to be their agent to sell good-quality properties. We will introduce the best and most properties to our clients, and also develop the market both of our company and of the property developers.

CONTACT:+86 1370 1633 845   EMAIL:16goabroad@163.com

E-mail: info@hj-group.com
QQ/MSN: 1506729112
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